CSS translate3d Performance Hack

Are the days of the CSS translate3d performance hack gone?

dotject Atom Text Editor Plugin

Simple JavaScript object for the Atom text editor

dotject - Quick JS Object Composition

Simple JavaScript object composition using familiar dot notation

Are You a Dot Guru?

Register a .guru if you're an expert in a particular field.

Ditch the www Subdomain

It's 2014, people know what the world wide web is.

Mobile UX to Impact SEO

Google are starting to analyse the mobile user experience of websites

PlugReg v0.7 Is Now Live

The latest version of the Cordova / PhoneGap plugin registry, plugreg, is now live.

Multiple Element Swipe Gesture

How to detect a user swiping across multiple DOM elements in JavaScript

froute - Simple Node.js Routing

Simple, powerful and functional routing for node with expressive matching.

Yet Another Hackathon Victory

A roundup of Hack Manchester 2013, what we built and winning again.

Add Structured Data to Your Blog

By adding structured data to your blog, you're opening up lots of benefits and it's really easy.

Finding Cordova Plugins for Your Apps

It's now even easier to find Cordova / PhoneGap plugins with PlugReg.

Use the Right HTTP Status Codes

Here's a simple guide to using the correct HTML status codes.

Hack to Prevent JSON Hijacking

A quick and easy example and explanation of how to prevent 'JSON Hijacking'

The JavaScript IsNumeric Function

How to reliably determine if an object is numerical in JavaScript.

Asynchronous JavaScript Files

How to reliably execute JavaScript files asynchronously with HTML5 and before HTML5.

JSONP in Express/Node.js

Getting JSONP requests and your Node.js / Express server to play nicely.

Rock Paper Scissors @manc_js

My approach to writing a bot in 90 minutes to play Rock Paper Scissors against other bots

Selling Some Domain Names

I'm selling off some of my domain names that I'm not using that other people might want.

Plugin Registry for Cordova/PhoneGap

A searchable list of all Cordova / PhoneGap plugins, with simple representation of the platforms and engines supported.

Walter White Is Green in HTML

Walter White is actually green in HTML. Let me explain before you think I've gone mad.

Changing Url Without Page Refresh

Not many web developers know but it's possible to completely change the relative url of a page without refreshing the page.

Maximise Your Twitter Engagement

Get more twitter retweets and favourites by automatically calculating the optimal day and time for you to tweet.

The Road to Hack Manchester

Preparing for the 2nd Hack Manchester (26th-27th October 2013) and lessons learnt from the last 2012 hackathon.

Use Google PageSpeed on Your Site

Improve visitor experience, retention, and conversions using the Google PageSpeed Insights

Do We Need Designers for the Web?

The world is turning flat, print designers that design for the web are stepping close to the edge.

Static Site Generators

You may not have noticed but static HTML is taking back the web