Background Task Plugin for Cordova

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin to run JavaScript when the app is suspended

Core Motion Pedometer with Cordova

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin for interfacing with the iOS8 Core Motion Pedometer

iOS Jailbreak Detection with Cordova

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin for detecting jailbroken iOS devices

Target Android Phones Not Tablets

How to restrict Android installs to phones only (not tablets).

Sign Releases with Cordova Android

Building and signing a release version of an APK with the Cordova / PhoneGap CLI.

Cordova / PhoneGap iOS 8 Beta

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin for in-app authentication (Touch ID fingerprint recognition).

Touch ID with Cordova / PhoneGap

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin for in-app authentication (Touch ID fingerprint recognition).

Adds - Addition Puzzle Game

A puzzle game based on simple addition, built with PhoneGap.

CSS translate3d Performance Hack

Are the days of the CSS translate3d performance hack gone?

Sat Nav Map Directions for PhoneGap

Get native "sat nav" style map directions with Cordova / PhoneGap

Debugging WP8 in PhoneGap

How to easily view errors thrown in Windows Phone 8 Cordova / PhoneGap apps

Native Page Transitions with PhoneGap

My new PhoneGap / Cordova plugin allows you to use native iOS transitions!

Looping Audio with PhoneGap

Playing media on repeat (looping indefinitely) with Cordova / PhoneGap

PlugReg v0.7 Is Now Live

The latest version of the Cordova / PhoneGap plugin registry, plugreg, is now live.

Using Game Center with PhoneGap

Now you can use the latest version of Cordova / PhoneGap with the iOS Game Center

PhoneGap Plays Sounds on Mute

By default, the Cordova / PhoneGap media plugin will play audio when the device is set to mute!

Say Goodbye to Mobile Click Delays

How to eliminate the 300ms delay for click events on mobile with FastClick

Finding Cordova Plugins for Your Apps

It's now even easier to find Cordova / PhoneGap plugins with PlugReg.

Which Mobile App Platform First?

Most people develop iOS mobile apps first but should they?

iOS7 Navigation Bar Using CSS

How to implement an iOS7 style Navigation Bar using CSS, complete with transparency and blur effects.

JSONP in Express/Node.js

Getting JSONP requests and your Node.js / Express server to play nicely.

Plugin Registry for Cordova/PhoneGap

A searchable list of all Cordova / PhoneGap plugins, with simple representation of the platforms and engines supported.

Social Message Plugin for Cordova 3.0

Post messages to Facebook, Twitter and others easily with the new Social Message plugin for Cordova 3.0

Shake Gesture Detection in PhoneGap

How to detect shake gestures when writing a web based hybrid app in PhoneGap (Cordova).