Background Task Plugin for Cordova

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin to run JavaScript when the app is suspended

Core Motion Pedometer with Cordova

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin for interfacing with the iOS8 Core Motion Pedometer

iOS Jailbreak Detection with Cordova

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin for detecting jailbroken iOS devices

Cordova / PhoneGap iOS 8 Beta

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin for in-app authentication (Touch ID fingerprint recognition).

Touch ID with Cordova / PhoneGap

My Cordova / PhoneGap plugin for in-app authentication (Touch ID fingerprint recognition).

Adds - Addition Puzzle Game

A puzzle game based on simple addition, built with PhoneGap.

dotject Atom Text Editor Plugin

Simple JavaScript object for the Atom text editor

dotject - Quick JS Object Composition

Simple JavaScript object composition using familiar dot notation

JSON5 Is Pointless and Unimaginative

In my opinion, JSON5 is a utterly pointless proposed extension to JSON

Sat Nav Map Directions for PhoneGap

Get native "sat nav" style map directions with Cordova / PhoneGap

Debugging WP8 in PhoneGap

How to easily view errors thrown in Windows Phone 8 Cordova / PhoneGap apps

New Features in grunt-timer v0.3

The open source community has improved grunt-timer

Ditch the www Subdomain

It's 2014, people know what the world wide web is.

Mobile UX to Impact SEO

Google are starting to analyse the mobile user experience of websites

Learn nodejs in 2014

If you haven't already, this is the year to learn node.js

Using npm in Europe

The European mirror is significantly faster for developers based in Europe.

List Node Packages w/o Dependencies

How to list globally or locally installed packages without dependency trees.

Native Page Transitions with PhoneGap

My new PhoneGap / Cordova plugin allows you to use native iOS transitions!

Looping Audio with PhoneGap

Playing media on repeat (looping indefinitely) with Cordova / PhoneGap

Pause between Grunt Tasks

How to pause between each grunt task and choose to continue or break

npm Cardiac Arrest

The node package manager is struggling, help give it a new lease of life!

Nesting Ugly Anonymous Functions

Clean up your code using Function.prototype.bind instead of nesting anonymous functions

Grouping console.log() Output

Grouping console.log() output will help you debug more effectively

Multiple Element Swipe Gesture

How to detect a user swiping across multiple DOM elements in JavaScript

Using Game Center with PhoneGap

Now you can use the latest version of Cordova / PhoneGap with the iOS Game Center

PhoneGap Plays Sounds on Mute

By default, the Cordova / PhoneGap media plugin will play audio when the device is set to mute!

Get Adjacent Squares on a Grid

How to get a list of adjacent squares on a grid with JavaScript

PogoScript Plugin for Grunt

I've written a PogoScript plugin for Grunt to allow compilation automation with Grunt

Update to My grunt-timer

The improvements I've made in automatically timing the duration of grunt tasks with grunt-timer.

froute - Simple Node.js Routing

Simple, powerful and functional routing for node with expressive matching.

Say Goodbye to Mobile Click Delays

How to eliminate the 300ms delay for click events on mobile with FastClick

Hack to Prevent JSON Hijacking

A quick and easy example and explanation of how to prevent 'JSON Hijacking'

The JavaScript IsNumeric Function

How to reliably determine if an object is numerical in JavaScript.

Asynchronous JavaScript Files

How to reliably execute JavaScript files asynchronously with HTML5 and before HTML5.

Removing a Property in JavaScript

It's really easy to remove a property from a JavaScript object and it's frustrating how scarcely developers use it.

JSONP in Express/Node.js

Getting JSONP requests and your Node.js / Express server to play nicely.

Mongoose Docs and JSON.stringify

Why JSON.stringify() doesn't seem to work reliably on Mongoose JS objects.

Rock Paper Scissors @manc_js

My approach to writing a bot in 90 minutes to play Rock Paper Scissors against other bots

Functional First, Last, Every(thing)

New featues of functional.js including "First", "Last" and "Every".

Social Message Plugin for Cordova 3.0

Post messages to Facebook, Twitter and others easily with the new Social Message plugin for Cordova 3.0

Meet My Friend David DM

Let my friend David monitor your node.js project dependencies for you. He's got your back.

What Is JavaScript Strict Mode?

What exactly is 'strict mode' in JavaScript and why/when should it be used.

Changing Url Without Page Refresh

Not many web developers know but it's possible to completely change the relative url of a page without refreshing the page.

Timing Grunt Task Duration

How to automatically time the duration of each grunt task and output the time in milliseconds to the console.

Let Grunt Handle Your Tasks

Let grunt handle your JavaScript tasks. It doesn't take sick days, pays attention and watches what you're doing.

Ways to Declare JavaScript Functions

What are the different ways to declare a function in JavaScript (with/without var) and which is best?

Maximise Your Twitter Engagement

Get more twitter retweets and favourites by automatically calculating the optimal day and time for you to tweet.

Multiple Function Composition

functional.js has been given function composition support, this explains what it is and how to use it.

A Functional Javascript Library

functional.js is a functional JavaScript library I'm writing to facilitate currying and point-free programming in JavaScript.

JavaScript Number Rounding

Sometimes numbers in JavaScript (and other languages) simply don't appear to add up. Here's why and how to fix it.