Adds - Addition Puzzle Game

A puzzle game based on simple addition, built with PhoneGap.

Mobile UX to Impact SEO

Google are starting to analyse the mobile user experience of websites

Native Page Transitions with PhoneGap

My new PhoneGap / Cordova plugin allows you to use native iOS transitions!

Multiple Element Swipe Gesture

How to detect a user swiping across multiple DOM elements in JavaScript

Add Structured Data to Your Blog

By adding structured data to your blog, you're opening up lots of benefits and it's really easy.

Use the Right HTTP Status Codes

Here's a simple guide to using the correct HTML status codes.

The JavaScript IsNumeric Function

How to reliably determine if an object is numerical in JavaScript.

Asynchronous JavaScript Files

How to reliably execute JavaScript files asynchronously with HTML5 and before HTML5.

Walter White Is Green in HTML

Walter White is actually green in HTML. Let me explain before you think I've gone mad.