Speed up the Android Emulator

How to speedup the Android emulator

Target Android Phones Not Tablets

How to restrict Android installs to phones only (not tablets).

Sign Releases with Cordova Android

Building and signing a release version of an APK with the Cordova / PhoneGap CLI.

Sat Nav Map Directions for PhoneGap

Get native "sat nav" style map directions with Cordova / PhoneGap

Looping Audio with PhoneGap

Playing media on repeat (looping indefinitely) with Cordova / PhoneGap

PlugReg v0.7 Is Now Live

The latest version of the Cordova / PhoneGap plugin registry, plugreg, is now live.

PhoneGap Plays Sounds on Mute

By default, the Cordova / PhoneGap media plugin will play audio when the device is set to mute!

Finding Cordova Plugins for Your Apps

It's now even easier to find Cordova / PhoneGap plugins with PlugReg.

Which Mobile App Platform First?

Most people develop iOS mobile apps first but should they?

Plugin Registry for Cordova/PhoneGap

A searchable list of all Cordova / PhoneGap plugins, with simple representation of the platforms and engines supported.

Shake Gesture Detection in PhoneGap

How to detect shake gestures when writing a web based hybrid app in PhoneGap (Cordova).