PlugReg v0.7 Is Now Live

What’s new

It’s now even easier to find Cordova / PhoneGap plugins on plugreg. To keep up to date with the latest plugreg and plugin related information follow @plugreg on twitter.


Here are some of the new features that have been implemented for v0.7:

  • Plugin details. New design and more info has been added:
    • Version number
    • Last modified
    • Stars
    • Issues
  • Avatars. Now hotlinks to gravatar or github identicons
  • Homepage. A new homepage design, giving various stats, such as:
    • Total number of plugins
    • Total number of authors
    • Recently Added Plugins (and when they were added)
    • Recently Updated Plugins (and when they were updated)
    • Authors with the Most Plugins (and how many plugins each)
    • Authors with the Most Stars (combined from all their plugins)
    • Plugins with the Most Stars (and how many stars)
    • Plugins with the Most Issues (and how many issues)
  • Search. Search is now weighted based on plugin stars
  • Plugin list. Now contains the number of plugin stars


All plugin details are now updated/refreshed every 30 minutes (this includes issues / stars etc).


A basic API is now available listing details of all the indexed plugins - get in touch for more details if you’d like to use it.


There are also many, many bug fixes.

Future updates

Further updates are on the way shortly. If you’d like to suggest an improvement or report an issue, you can do so on Twitter @plugreg