Plugin Registry for Cordova/PhoneGap

The PhoneGap-Gap

Having a central registry or repository for all Cordova / PhoneGap plugins (both core and 3rd party) seems like an obvious thing to have. Unfortunately, no-one had actually done it.

As a Cordova developer, I did often wonder while writing a plugin if someone else had already written one.

If only there was a place I could search for plugins and instantly find out what platforms and engines they support.

Making dreams come true

Failing that, a Plugin Registry for Cordova / PhoneGap. That’s right, I’ve done it, hence there not being a blog post for a couple of days. Busy busy busy.


PlugReg is written using nodejs, of course. Here are some of the preliminary features that have been implemented:

  • Submit. Submit plugins automagically with a GitHub url
  • Search. Search on plugin name and keywords
  • Authors List. List of all plugin authors, with how many plugins and a total count
  • Author Page. List of all plugins by an author (and avatar), and a link to their GitHub
  • Plugins List. List of all plugins and a total count
  • Plugin Details. Details such as plugin description, supported platforms, engines, keyword tags, link to GitHub and installation instructions
  • Latest Plugins. List of the latest plugins added

Suggestions, comments and feedback

All welcome, one thing I’m wondering if might be helpful for the site is user ratings and possibly user comments? What do you guys think?

Please add your own plugins or any plugins you have used.