npm Cardiac Arrest

It’s happening again

Beep, beep, beeeeeeep

The node package manager “npm“ is once again grinding to a halt. A post-mortem was published on the official nodejs blog after the recent downtime (November 4th / November 15th 2013), but it’s problems are far from resolved (as demonstrated today).

npm Cardiac Arrest

Keep it beating, keep it awesome

With no other alternative, npm is fundamental to node. More infrastructure is needed to continue to operate the npm registry (multi-master approach and throw hardware and people at it).

In my personal opinion (and I know others echo this sentiment) there also needs to be a change to the way npm handles its dependencies. When currently installing a package, half of the registry is downloaded with it. There are ideas, such as materialising a vector of [package, version] -> hash, but this is exceptionally tricky.

The npm registry has served over 150 million requests and 33 million package downloads in the last week. This is 10 times as many requests and downloads as this time last year, with all signs pointing to further exponential growth.

I’ve donated and I also continue to host my personal node projects on nodejitsu. If you’re a developer that’s ever used npm, donate now on the official site and keep npm everything it needs to be for the community.