My Shiny New iPhone 5s

iLee iPhone 5s

Mobile app developer

As an app developer, I’m burdened with buying mobiles and tablets all the time and have more mobile devices than socks. Having said that, I’m actually planning to use my new iPhone for day-to-day usage too (i.e. actually making phone calls).

Crazy queuing

I didn’t queue for my new iPhone 5s, I also didn’t pay the homeless to queue for me. I ordered in 60 seconds from the comfort of my home, on the o2 website and it arrived the next working day. Some people really need to get some common sense.

Thoughts on day one

The good bits

  • Configuring from another iPhone backup was simple.
  • The Apple A7 chip is fast, I feel the performance increase doing anything on the device.
  • I’m no photographer but the 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash does live up to (some of) the hype. Burst mode is pretty cool too.
  • The Touch ID home button is a nice touch, even if it may have been hacked already. You wouldn’t use an iPhone if you had security concerns though, right? :)
  • Free Apple apps. Sweet. Probably won’t use them though.
  • Apparently I can sell it for up to £2K right now on ebay.

The maybe-good bits

  • iBeacon, we’ll see. Not surprised it’s not a standard of course.

The not-so-good bits

  • The screen, it’s just OK. When can we have edge-to-edge displays?
  • Battery life, it’s depleting at the same fast rate as I’m used too. I’ve bought this to overcome this slightly.
  • A bit disappointed that there aren’t many other innovative features.


It’s pretty shiny. I can make phone calls.