Fingerprint Recognition for Developers

The new iPhone fingerprint recognition API

As a mobile app developer, I follow new mobile technologies very closely. You’ve probably noticed yourself an abundance of rumours on various sites about the upcoming “Fingerprint Recognition” seen in the new beta version of iOS7. This suggests the hardware capabilities will be available on the next version of the iPhone (iPhone 5S?).

The “BiometricKitUI” directory can be found in the “Accessibility Bundles” and judging by the small amount of documentation, implies that the fingerprint sensor will be part of the home button.

Fingerprint scanning on iPhone

Will it be available to app developers?

This is what I want to know :) I can see several usages for the core system, such as a login alternative to swipe and pin, verification for app store purchases, parental control, restricted apps and maybe even user profiles, although apple have always seemed to push for everyone having their own device for some reason ;).

When will we know?

I’m sure app developers at the top banks know, with this being a possible security option for them. I’m going to ask some of my tweeps today and will post an update when I find out.

It’s strongly believed that the new iPhone will be available on the 10th of September 2013, I also imagine the iOS7 release to be scheduled for around this time, as in past years.

Will it be any good?

I’ve had laptops (a while ago) with fingerprint recognition, which was quickly disabled. I’ve found it to be unreliable and a nuisance. Will Apple’s implementation and hardware be better? Having just acquired “AuthenTec” for $356 million in July 2012 you’d like to hope so. If not, I’m sure they’ll tell us we’re “holding it wrong” :)

“i”Lee, is this blog going to be Apple-y?

No. Not at all (actually being serious here). Although MacBook Pros are the best. Please don’t give them fingerprint recognition.