Are You a Dot Guru?

The .guru top level domain

The “.guru” top level domain (TLD) became available for public registration this week. More than 20,000 .guru domain names have already been snapped up, proving it to be the most popular of the new public TLDs.

dot guru

Going, going…

Are you considered an expert in a particular field, product or category? If you are a guru, there might still be time to register your .guru domain name.

Take a quick search on iwantmyname to see what’s available.

I’m a dot guru

I quickly registered a couple of .guru domain names. I plan to utilise them as opposed to selling them, although someone has listed for $7500 and mine are better than that.. so we’ll see.

There are also others listed for silly prices (and unlikely to sell?), I’ve seen one on ebay for $20K (or best offer, admittedly).


As you’d expect, most companies have registered their trademarks as domains (e.g. Apple have registered and pretty much all their products). There are however some registrations that do not belong to the trademark holders :) … opens popcorn

Other TLDs

Other popular TLDs now available include:

  • .bike
  • .clothing
  • .singles
  • .ventures
  • .plumbing
  • .holdings
  • .equipment
  • .lighting
  • .estate
  • .graphics
  • .camera
  • .gallery

Note that .guru is more popular than all of the above put together.

Is this the end of .com?

No. To put things into perspective, there have been more than five times as many .com registrations than .guru registrations since Wednesday.

Even skype and twitter (at the time of writing this) aren’t picking up that is a URL, even with a protocol prefix!

The .com TLD isn’t going anywhere. Past new TLDs such as .co didn’t replace the .com and neither will any of the proposed future new TLDs.

The new TLDs do have their place and are needed in the overcrowded .com world.